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Eli Cohen’s career is a testament to his strategic leadership and transformative impact across various organizations.

As the Senior Director of Customer Strategy and Insights at Consumer Reports in Yonkers, NY, Eli led a team of 16 professionals, driving analytics, predictive modeling, and marketing campaigns. His initiatives, powered by advanced tools like Domo and SAS, contributed to the organization as they saw their most profitable year in history and maintained a remarkable 70% retention rate.  Eli streamlined operations, modernized reporting, and championed data governance and positioning Consumer Reports for sustained growth.

Prior roles at and AlClear, LLC showcased Eli’s prowess in customer-centric strategies and operational excellence. At, he architected personalized experiences, implemented BI/CI analytics platforms, and engineered a 20-point increase in NPS. At AlClear, LLC, Eli orchestrated data-driven strategies, driving lift in conversion and revenue through omni-channel marketing and contact center management.

Eli’s tenure at Ralph Lauren Corporation as Senior Director of Database Marketing in New York, NY, was marked by transformative initiatives in CRM deployment, revenue growth, and advanced analytics. His strategic vision and expertise drove substantial revenue gains and operational efficiencies over a decade.

A lifelong learner, Eli holds certifications from prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School and excels in data visualization and analytics platforms. His academic foundation in Economics and certifications in programming and leadership underscore his commitment to excellence and innovation.

On a personal note, Eli and his wife, Chani, are parents to nine lovely children. A cooking enthusiast, Eli enjoys preparing ethnic Shabbos foods, smoking and preserving meats, has been known to brew a darn good beer and make a solid spaghetti and meatballs. In his spare time, he enjoys jogging, kayaking and hiking the mountains of Harriman State Park.

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